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Supernatural                                                              Guest Star                                CW/Dir. Jeannot Szwarc

Fringe                                                                         Guest Star                                FOX/ Dir. Joe Chappelle

Arrow                                                                          Co-Star                                     CW/ Dir.MichaelSchultz

Eureka                                                                        Recurring                                  NBC/ Dir. Various

Under One Roof                                                        Guest Star                                My Network TVI Dir. Steve Wright


A Tale of Two Coreys                                                Lead                                        Lifetime/Dir. S Huffaker

Air                                                                              Supporting                              Sony Pictures/Dir. C.Cantamessa

American Mary**                                                      Supporting Lead                     Universal/ Dir. The Soskas

Hunt for the I5 Killer (MOW)                                   Supporting                               Lifetime/ Dir. Kroeker

Doomsday Prophecy (MOW)                                  Supporting                               SyFy/Dir. Jason Bourque

The Unquiet (MOW)                                                Supporting                               Lifetime/ Dir Bill Cocoron

SnowBuddies                                                           Supporting                               Disney/Dir. Robert Vance

Narcolepsy                                                                Lead                                         Forty FPS/Dir. CJ Wallis

** Official selection of Toronto International Film Festival & Whistler International Film Festival

Voice Over

Iron Man: Armored Adventures                              Lead                                         Marvel Studios

Gundam 00                                                               Lead                                         IPP

Strike                                                                         Lead                                         S2 Games

The Story of Saiunkoku                                            Recurring                                 IPP

Empire Earth III                                                         Various                                     Radical Entertainment

Starship Operators                                                   Lead                                         IPP

Shakguna No Shana                                                 Lead                                         IPP

Elemental Gelade                                                     Lead                                         IPP



BGB Studios                                                             Various classes                                   Los Angeles, CA

Eric Beck                                                                   Master Class                                       Los Angeles, CA

Shea Hampton                                                         Master Class                                       Vancouver, BC

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art                             Shakespeare Intensive                       London, England

Douglas College                                                      Graduate of Theatre Program          Vancouver, BC

Voice Over                                                                Nancy Wolfson                                   Los Angeles, CA


Special Skills

Horseback Riding (Skilled). Certified Scuba Diver, Singing  (Soprano). Dance (Ballet,Jazz). Snowboarding, Kick-Boxing, Rollerblading, Yoga, Accents


Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 2:51 min

Featuring Supernatural, Fringe, and Under One Roof

More coming soon!
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